Expertise in technologies and user experience

User Experience First

Consultant helping to build high-quality experiences. Skills & focus: AI, Figma prototypes, Design Systems, SwiftUI, animations, Apple platforms, CMS and web apps.


My name is Patrice Calligaris, I'm a consultant with over fifteen years of design and tech expertise in France and eight years in the U.S. I specialize in creating disruptive, high-quality products with a focus on simple, elegant design and superior user experience.

My career began in France, contributing significantly to the digital desktop publishing and multimedia revolution. I founded three companies centered on innovative design and user satisfaction, which significantly results.

In the U.S., I've collaborated with prominent firms like Splunk, Wells Fargo, Nextiva, AT&T, PayPal, and Auctane, showcasing my ability to implement effective design strategies and foster team collaboration.

I also have technical skills in coding for websites and e-commerce platforms. Driven by a passion for user experience, I thrive on simplifying complex products and turning innovative ideas into reality.

I can help to improve your products or services

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