Technologies and user experience expertise

UX & Tech Consultant

Patrice Calligaris introduction

I am a consultant, with more than fifteen years of design and tech expertise in France and eight years in the United States.

I love creating high-quality, disruptive products and services, focusing on simple, elegant design and exceptional user experience.

My career started in France, where I played a key role in the digital desktop publishing and multimedia revolution. I created three companies, always focusing on the design side, high-quality user experiences, delighting customers, driving sales to high levels.

Since I moved to the US, I worked with notable companies such as Splunk, Wells Fargo, Nextiva, AT&T, PayPal, and Auctane, demonstrating my expertise in applying efficient design practices, encouraging team collaboration.

I'm also technically skilled to code websites, e-commerce solutions.

Passionate about user experience, I excel in simplifying complex products, bringing innovative ideas to life.

I can help to improve your products or services