Experience matters

UX expertise

When experience is saving time, and money

With over 20 years of experience in building a variety of products including software and services, I can assist startups in achieving their goals more effectively.

While I primarily focus on startups due to their streamlined build processes, I'm also open to collaborating with companies of all sizes.

Advice as an essential task
As UX consultant, I love to give advice because I understand the importance of a positive user experience. Users are more likely to engage with products and services that meet their needs and expectations, a great UX is helping to increase customer loyalty and business success.

My advice can range from simple tips on improving website navigation to in-depth user research and testing to inform product design decisions.

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Pricing $449 per month $799 per month $2499 per month
Online meetings Two per month One per week At request
Working time Up to 5 hours per month Up to 9 hours per month Up to 15 hours per month
Collaboration Olevator Online Tool Olevator Online Tool Olevator Online Tool
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Custom options

If you want a quote or share information on any project,
I can setup a meeting at any convenient time for you.
Cost: $99 per hour (invoice sent after the meeting).