About Us

We are an innovative design agency

We put the user experience at the heart of all our services.

Think for 5 minutes... why did Apple became the world's first computer company, the richest and the most focused on innovation with products that are changing the world?

It's because user experience has always been a top priority. An obsession of each day to create the best products and not the most used. The company became a giant, a reference.

Steve Jobs that we had the chance to meet was more than a visionary, he was a genius obsessed with quality and detail. It's this obsession that has made possible to build products that are now legendary for their simplicity, for the user experience provided. Most Apple products or services are rarely a source of frustration.

Simplicity is essential

A simple product is accessible by more users. It provides a pleasure to use and above all a better productivity. These notions are often misunderstood by engineers or managers. We are here to help you understand the benefits and results that a good user experience automatically entails.

Frustrations should be avoided

Frustrations are our enemies. They are unfortunately in many products that are poorly designed from the beginning and sadly deployed in so many companies. It's great to solve a problem but the way to solve the problem is just as important. The more a user get frustrations with a product, the less this product will be used. It's as simple as that and proven by so many studies. This is not only valid for products designed by a company but also for products used in a company by employees. We love to work on both problems.

We are doing the synthesis

Our originality and strength is that we act as consultants or service providers on all aspects of a company's user experience. We work for products used internally by employees but also for products designed for the customers.

Our team is made up of talents passionate about solving problems.

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We love helping startups to raise the bar.
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